Michael Ortiz Hill

Dear Sirs/Madams:

I recently read that, in my hometown, Santa Fe, New Mexico, Andrew O'Conner was arrested and interrogated by Secret Service agents for five hours. Apparently Mr. O'Conner, a former public defender, had written, "Bush is out of control" in an internet chat room. He was, of course, arrested for threatening the President.

Let me say, firstly - well done. This sentiment that the President is out of control is spreading like a virus here and abroad, but with diligence I have faith that we can nip this in the bud before it undermines our resolve to fight Saddam, the French, Osama bin Laden, anthrax, the United Nations, and other evil doers.

I call your attention to three ringleaders of this conspiracy and suggest they also be arrested and interrogated, perhaps here, perhaps in Guantanamo, for the sake of National security. Each seem to suggest that Bush is "out of control."

Firstly, there is former President George H.W. Bush who, like his Un-American fellow travelers, recently said at Tufts University in Massachusetts that the evidence of Hussein's weapons of mass destruction is "a little fuzzier" now than when he was President. "If we had tried to go in there and created more instability in Iraq, I think it would have been very bad for the neighborhood." Fair enough. That was then, this is now. But when Bush senior said, "We need to make clear the New World Order is not some code word for American imperialism, but making freedom and self-determination widely accepted norms," he showed his true, apparently Maoist, colors.

Now, many might object to arresting the Presidents father but I think it is imperative that we do so. No doubt there have been many times Bush senior has seen his son out of control: the terrible twos, the terrible thirties, the passion for booze and cocaine, inside trading, the embrace of religious fanaticism, going AWOL; we can all sympathize with a father's heartbreak. But such are family matters not to be mistaken for matters of state. Surely his words qualify as giving comfort to the enemy.

Then there is Jimmy Carter. (What is it about ex-presidents? Gerald Ford recently said, in his gnomic Yogi Berra way, "If Lincoln were alive he'd be rolling over in his grave"). Carter wrote, "The heartfelt sympathy and friendship offered America after the 9/11 attacks, even from formerly antagonist regimes, has been largely dissipated; increasingly unilateral and domineering policies have brought international trust in our country to its lowest level in memory. American stature will surely decline further if we launch war in clear defiance of the U.N." And, to take his subversive argument further, Carter says that a unilateral attack on Iraq does not qualify as a just war. "This is an almost universal conviction of religious leaders, with the most notable exception of a few spokesmen of the Southern Baptist Convention who are greatly influenced by their commitment to Israel based on eschatological, or final days theology."

Carter seems to think our president is out of control - surrounded by yes men who are eager for the world to end so Jesus can return and rule it "with an iron rod." Arrest him now before such rumors erode away at our fight against evil.

Finally, there is the Pope. Fortunately the war against terrorism has made it possible to arrest foreigners and keep them indefinitely. The Pope has had the temerity to say that to rain three thousand bombs and missiles in the first few hours of war on the two and a half million children of Baghdad is a defeat of Humanity. This man, reputedly the charismatic leader of a large cult, might best be deprogrammed by Billy Graham or Pat Robertson, for he is obviously profoundly deluded.

If you are not with us, you are against us. These three, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter, and the Pope in their own right form an axis of evil. It is not too late to contain them and neutralize their influence. In defense of America we can never be too vigilant.