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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                           November 19, 2010
Conspiracies of Kindness: The Craft of Compassion at The Bedside of the Ill by Nurse Michael Ortiz Hill is Released by Hand to Hand Publishing in November 2010
Los Angeles, CA - Michael Ortiz Hill, author and registered nurse, writes about self compassion, compassion for others, radical empathy, and how to manifest compassion, in his highly praised new book Conspiracies of Kindness: The Craft of Compassion at the Bedside of the Ill, now in release by Hand to Hand Publishing of Topanga, CA (paperback, $16.95, 159 pages, ISBN 978-0-9720718-6-4).  The book is intended for health care professionals, hospice workers, clergy, and lay people, and is considered an essential companion for anyone now or ever called to the bedside of the ill.  It is available at Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com and at the author’s web site michaelortizhill.com in both soft cover and as an e-book.
Ortiz Hill’s book, based on his workshops on The Craft of Compassion, has been acclaimed by best-selling author Larry Dossey, MD, who wrote “this luminous book can change your life.”  David Forbes, MD, President of the American Holistic Medicine Association writes it is “chock full of beautiful, elegant wisdom.”   Physician Kjersten Gmeiner adds, “Michael is a gifted teacher.  The idea that compassion is a teachable craft with skills to be practiced brings it from the mystical into the daily world, which of course is where we all need it.”
“From his own experiences as a nurse, Ortiz Hill creates a web of achingly beautiful stories that brilliantly show us how richness, compassion and wisdom can arise while encountering the most challenging circumstances of severely ill and dying patients in an institutional setting,” states Hand to Hand publisher Stephan David Hewitt who also created the book and cover design.
Hand to Hand Publishing is a community based endeavor that supports independently published works and public events, free from restrictions that arise from commercial and political concerns.  It is a forum for artists who are in dynamic and reciprocal relationship with those communities for the sake of peacemaking, restoring culture and the planet.  The publishing web site is handtohandpublishing.com.
Ortiz Hill previously authored other well regarded books – Dreaming the End of the World: Apocalypse As a Rite of Passage, and with Mandaza Kandemwa Twin From Another Tribe: The Story of Two Shamanic Healers from Africa and North America. Also with Mandaza, The Village of Water Spirits: The Dreams of African-Americans.  Sacred Illness Sacred Medicine, co-written with his wife Deena Metzger, looks at his passage through and healing of his “incurable” multiple sclerosis.  More information on Ortiz Hill, plus info on other wellness resources, can be found at michaelortizhill.com.





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